Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Fargo doesn’t pay things off, it’s just that it doesn’t do it in the way you’d expect. It doesn’t do it traditionally. Rarely do things play out the way we predict or, maybe most importantly, the way we want. But we’re willing to concede this stance.

So last week, when the bus crashed and it looked like Nikki’s goose was cooked, I was totally open to it being her exit. In that respect, I was also ready for Mr. Wrench to just be a funny insert. An Easter egg/leftover from Season 1 who popped up just to remind us of the shared universe.

In my heart though, and buried in the back of my brain, was this voice whispering “Wouldn’t it be cool if Nikki and Wrench teamed up and kicked ass and got away?” It was a whimsical wish but – dammit! – it came true. And so for about half of “Who Rules the Land of Denial?,” Nikki and Wrench fended for themselves in the snowy woods while Yuri and DQ Qualls’ killer cop hunted them with crossbows. Crossbows provided courtesy of some poor innocent bystanders who mistook Yuri’s headdress for a real animal. In fact, this episode seemed to be filled with collateral damage as two drivers also got taken out, Fargo movie-style in fact as they were run off the road and executed by Meemo.

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Source: Fargo: "Who Rules the Land of Denial?" Review

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