Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Sergei Prokofiev’s fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” helped ease the comedown after last week’s high of Gloria’s superb standalone solo adventure, adding a bit of musical mirth as the show took some spare moments to re-introduce us to this season’s players – each representing, mostly, a character in the charming children’s story.

“The Narrow Escape Problem” — title taken from a biophysics problem regarding the time involved for a particle to escape from a narrow opening — saw the walls close in on both Stussy brothers and Sy as Varga and Gloria pressed on with their efforts, representing opposite sides of the law. Gloria’s after Ray (she’s almost there) and Varga’s out to use Emmit’s company to create some sort of…billion dollar…lifeboat to protect against what he feels is an inevitable, bloody populous revolt. Yeah, that was strange.

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Source: Fargo: "The Narrow Escape Problem" Review

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