Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“The Lord of No Mercy,” one of Season 3’s best episodes yet, will rightfully be remembered as the chapter where Emmit accidentally killed Ray during one last attempt to bury the hatchet and end their cruel squabbling. It was a harrowing, and wonderfully Fargo-y, accident that now changes the entire course the season. Ray’s gone, an injured Nikki is hiding from both cops and crooks, and Gloria’s main suspect has transformed into an entirely new murder case.

But for me this episode was most notable for drawing strange and eerie parallels between Varga and Gloria. He’s the big bad wolf that she needs to take down and this week she finally met him, receiving yet another lecture about how fickle “reality” can be when there aren’t facts to back it up. Gloria as the humble small town cop and Varga as the more sophisticated and vicious criminal mastermind who thinks he can run roughshod over a parade of simpletons is textbook Fargo. But the awesome twist here is that both of them exist in the shadows — off the grid and out of sight.

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Source: Fargo: "The Lord of No Mercy" Review

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