Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

A Christmas in Hollywood crime story that’s somehow not written and/or directed by Shane Black? That’s a minor holiday miracle in its own right. And speaking of surprising delights – a recurring animated sequence for Thaddeus’ – AKA DEnnis’ — novel The Planet Wyh? I know it’s only the third episode of the season, but for some reason I feel like the story already needed this daring diversion. And this was damn great.

The more major, and appropriate, miracle here, with “The Law of Non-Contradiction,” is that the TV treasure who is Carrie Coon, who’s so superb on The Leftovers, got to have her own character-focused Fargo episode – which isn’t the format this series usually adopts/relies on.

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Source: Fargo: "The Law of Non-Contradiction" Review

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