Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“Aporia” drove us right up to the Season 3 finale, delivering a confident and capable Nikki and a broken and floundering Gloria.

In an ending that felt a touch on-the-nose and overly explanatory (which itself felt odd for this series), Gloria actually spelled out all the unspoken themes of her character to Winnie. How she feels invisible and ineffective and that mysterious technology glitches only accentuate her insecurities. How she relates to the wandering android in her stepfather’s book, unable to truly help anyone despite her attempts to. Basically, all the things we’ve been theorizing about her this whole time, just put to words. Thankfully, Carrie Coon is so magnificent that she was able to make it all go down smoothly and without any clunkiness.

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Source: Fargo: "Aporia" Review

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