This is a mostly spoiler-free review for all 10 new episodes of Netflix’s F is for Family, which lands on May 30th.

Things get even bleaker in the second season of Bill Burr’s F is For Family – a raunchy, no-holds-barred animated series tasked with juggling ton of different tones and themes.

Firstly, it’s a time portal that takes us back to a different, and more dangerous, era of child rearing, employment, and relationships. Secondly, it’s a comedy — albeit, one with an avalanche of anger at its core — that seeks to enlighten while it parodies. On top of all this, it’s social commentary mixed with a love story mixed with a handful of coming of age tales.

Plus, it occasionally dabbles in the type of absurdist humor you’d see on something like The Critic or Family Guy. So, at times, the show’s spinning a lot of plates, but at the heart of it is the tale of a father and husband who never wound up making his dreams come true and now trudges through life unknowingly trying to crush everyone else’s aspirations. And honestly, that’s a theme that can resonate no matter the era. The poison that can spread through a family because of untreated and unaddressed depression and/or misery.

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Source: F is For Family: Season 2 Review

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