Batman and Flash are currently at the heart of the single biggest mystery in the DC Universe. Last year’s DC Universe Rebirth #1 ended with the revelation that the DC Universe has been manipulated by Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan. Now, DC is kicking off a new crossover storyline called “The Button,” as the two greatest costumed detectives in the world join forces to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Why are the DC and Watchmen universes colliding? How does all of this tie into the events of Flashpoint? We’ve put together a helpful guide breaking down everything we know about the mystery fueling “The Button.”

Everything happening in DC’s current Rebirth status quo has its origins in 2011’s Flashpoint mini-series. Flashpoint featured an alternate reality where Atlantis and Themyscira were at war and many familiar heroes like Superman and Green Lantern were dead or MIA. A de-powered Barry Allen found himself teaming up with Thomas Wayne (who in that reality became Batman after the death of his son) in order to restore the normal timeline. Barry eventually learned that he himself caused Flashpoint when he traveled back in time to prevent his mother’s death. In the end, Barry undid that mistake and restored his reality, though not without some significant changes. Flashpoint became the catalyst for DC’s streamlined New 52 continuity.

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Source: Everything We Know About Batman and Flash's Watchmen Investigation

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