It’s still depressing that Marvel’s previous Elektra comic didn’t find a wider audience, as it was about as gorgeous a comic as one could find on the stands in 2014. Even with a drastically different stylistic approach in this new series, the art remains the big selling point as Elektra returns to the forefront of the Marvel Universe.

Writer Matt Owens and artist Juan Cabal don’t seek to reinvent the wheel with this new series. As is her wont, Elektra is hiding from the demons of her past and seeking some way of helping those who aren’t fortunate enough to be deadly ninja assassins. That neverending quest now brings her to Las Vegas, where she catches wind of a mysterious villain allowing high-rollers to toy with human lives. Basically, a lot of bad people need stabbing, and Elektra is just the ninja for the job.

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Source: Elektra #1 Review

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