Splatoon is a pretty competitive, team vs. team shooter first and foremost, but with Splatoon 2’s new Salmon Run mode, we have an imaginative new way to sling ink with friends. We first saw a short gameplay trailer of this cooperative horde mode during a Nintendo Direct in April, but this is the first time we’ve gotten our hands on it.

As explained in the video below, Salmon Run seems fairly straight-forward at first. A team of four inklings head out to collect Power Eggs – counted as individual scores earned by defeating the oddly cute hordes of Salmonids – and Golden Eggs, the game mode’s main objective.

Salmon Run is separated into three waves, and during each, the team must collect a certain number of Golden Eggs while they are attacked by enemy Salmonids. These Golden Eggs only appear after a big boss is defeated, and they then must be brought back to the containment center somewhere on the relatively small map. If time runs out before all Golden Eggs are returned to the basket, or if the team is wiped either before or after the Golden Eggs are collected, the mode ends in a loss.

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Source: E3 2017: Splatoon 2's Salmon Run Inspires a New Kind of Competition

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