Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.

Gohan is finally back at his prime and Super is setting him up to compete with Goku in strength by giving him his Mystic form back. The way Super goes about getting him to that form is awesome; Episode 88 features Gohan training in a unique way with Piccolo for the Tournament of Power. Their great relationship allowed for both intense mental and physical training with clever imagery of Gohan’s growth, making for a fantastic episode.

One of the most striking things about the training scenes is how Gohan and Piccolo interact. Gohan is as much a son of Piccolo’s as he is Goku’s, and it shows in their actions and words as they train. Piccolo is tough on him, but gives him praise just when he needs it most. This relationship has existed for a long time, but it’s rare we see it present this way. To see it displayed and rekindled after being absent from the series for so long made the episode have some wonderful extra emotional weight.

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Source: Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Review

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