Not everyone sticks around to watch closing credits. If they did, cinemas wouldn’t have to turn the lights on when the movie is done – but they do, because they know people are going to leave regardless and it’s better for them if their patrons don’t fall down the stairs in the dark in the process.

When it comes to games, not everyone even gets to the credits. Statistically speaking, most people don’t actually even finish games.

I’m a total sucker for memorable closing credit sequences but most of them are from films. The key ingredient is always the song, whether it’s elegantly mixed into the movie’s final moments or only begins belting out when the credits start to roll. Think Fight Club, or The Matrix. Think Goodfellas, or The Bourne Ultimatum. Honestly there are probably too many to list. I think a good piece of closing credits music is more important than a lot of folk realise. It’s like the last bite of a meal.

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Source: Doom, Wolfenstein Composer on Making Music That Matters

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