In a lot of ways, Destiny: Rise of Iron is more of the same. When it does the Destiny formula well, it’s polished with challenging combat and plenty for a veteran Guardian to do. A lot of the time, though, it falls into the same trap Destiny’s always been susceptible to and turns into a seemingly endless, repetitive grind. It often feels empty, even with a challenging and satisfying raid dangling as a big incentive.

The new two-or-so-hour campaign is emblematic of how Rise of Iron as a whole stacks up. It definitely brings more of what I already like about Destiny, like taking on waves of spongy enemies in a series of fights that are all about your positioning in the area, but it does little to improve upon Destiny’s strengths or fix its problems. The difficulty mostly comes from a mysterious, virus-like nanotechnology called SIVA enhancing the power of the Fallen, which obviously makes them harder to kill. The campaign relies heavily on the buffed Fallen to be challenging rather than doing anything we haven’t seen from Destiny before.

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Source: Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

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