When it comes to Deadpool, “why?” will always be trumped by “why not?”. And at first glance, his latest offshoot, Deadpool the Duck #1, appears to fall well in line with that relatively limited and often accurate expectation. However, through some surprisingly strong scripting by Stuart Moore and an equally strong showing by artist Jacopo Camagni, this unlikely marriage manages to actually exceed expectations, the duo delivering with a premise that stands confidently on its two webbed feet.

If you’re reading a book featuring two of Marvel’s most outlandish characters, chances are you’re going in with more than just a passing familiarity. Despite that likely fact, Moore spends a surprising amount of time setting the tone for each character at the onset, giving each an extended setup before their inevitable collision occurs. Perhaps more importantly, Moore works to come up with a legitimate reason for the two to intersect. This first issue is far from serious, but Moore very clearly takes this pairing seriously, finding the traits the characters both share and differ and using them in a way that actually makes a degree of sense. And ultimately, that focus is both the book’s biggest strength and its greatest weakness. Moore does a great job of getting to the core of each lead, with each possessing of more depth than their initial appearances would suggest. And yet, Moore takes so long keeping the two apart that their eventual joining comes dangerously close to being an afterthought.

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Source: Deadpool the Duck #1 Review

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