Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The Flash’s third season has been aggravating for a number of reasons, but high on the list is the fact that the Flashpoint reality turned out to be such a dud. Rather than present a drastically different alternate universe where all the rules have changed, “Flashpoint” was content to merely ruffle a few feathers before returning the show to a more familiar status quo. Once again, it falls on Legends of Tomorrow to do what other Arrow-verse shows seem unwilling or unable. “Doomworld” offered the fun yet dramatic alternate universe story we didn’t get all those months ago.

“Doomworld” offered viewers a taste of what happens when the bad guys win and gain the power to bend reality to their whim. And what better way to kick things off than a scene where a costumed Felicity Smoak is being hunted down by Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe? It really seemed like the writers were trying to cater to both the pro- and anti-Felicity camps there. The former got to see her masquerading as a costumed vigilante for a minute or two, and the latter got to watch as Damien Darhk snapped her neck. It’s a shame we didn’t see more familiar faces from The Flash and Arrow (especially with the mention of Tommy Merlyn being alive), but clearly the Legion of Doom have been keeping busy since altering reality.

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Source: DC's Legends of Tomorrow: "Doomworld" Review

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