Pull out those playing cards and dust off those top hats – Magic is still cool. Delivering a rockstar look at the baddest, hippest and maybe kinda evil wizard in the land, Curse Words #1, the latest from Charles Soule, Ryan Browne and Image Comics, looks to cast an early spell.

Forget what your teachers told you–stereotyping is totally a thing. For wizards, that stereotype gets broken down to two types. If you’re good, you probably have a beard and, before ol’ lightning scar, you’re probably on the older side. If you’re bad, a deathly complexion and an overall lack of luck with the ladies is in your future. Charles Soule has surely seen those stereotypes, yet with lead character Wizord he goes the complete opposite direction. Rather than tell the tale of a jaded old man out to magic humans off his lawn, he instead allows his bearded baddie one, important realization. Magic. Is. Awesome. Thus begins Curse Words #1, the story of a once bad wizard who trades in dark lairs and musky robes for modern day celebrity and a GQ wardrobe.

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Source: Curse Words #1 Review

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