Earlier this week, Japanese airliner All Nippon Airways (ANA) introduced a C-3PO-themed airplane, which made its first flight from Haneda to Kagoshima on March 21.

C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels attended the reveal event, where he signed the outer hull of the aircraft. Daniels also spoke a bit about his role as C-3PO over the past four decades.

“I first met George Lucas in 1975, and I told him I did not want to appear in his film, Star Wars,” Daniels said. “It was at that time I saw a rather large piece of concept art of C-3PO and R2-D2 in George’s office, which is an image that still remains clear in my mind. The concept art that I saw was actually drawn by a Boeing designer named Ralph McQuarrie, who had started to become an artist in the film industry. I was mesmerized by C-3PO’s face, which McQuarrie had drawn, and it changed my life. Six months later the real C-3PO appeared in front of me, and it has been 41 years since then.”

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Source: Check Out This Awesome C-3PO ANA Plane from Japan

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