During today’s third annual Valiant Summit, the upcoming comic series Bloodshot Salvation by writer Jeff Lemire and artists Lewis Larosa and Mico Suayan received the spotlight, and one topic of note was how the comic originally set out to tackle the issues of the alt-right and white supremacy but Lemire decided to change course and go in a different direction.

“The more I worked on the book, the more the political aspects I had planned just started to feel obvious and forced,” Lemire told IGN. “So, Bloodshot will not longer be going up against the alt-right or any white supremacists in this series. That stuff was feeling very heavy-handed. And I also felt that including the white supremacist/alt-right angle was just distracting from the story I really wanted to tell with Salvation. So I have removed many of those elements from the series altogether. That’s the joy of working really far ahead, it allows me to get a sense of the series as a whole and shift things.

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Source: Bloodshot Salvation Writer Drops White Supremacy Angle to Explore Faith, Revenge and Parenthood

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