Warning: Full spoilers for Black Sails’ “XXXI” follow…

Episode “XXXI.” of Black Sails was a notable chapter indeed. As Captain Flint and Long John Silver launched an assault on Nassau, iconic pirate Edward Teach — AKA Blackbeard — met a horrific and grisly end at the hands of Woodes Rogers via the old nautical execution method of “keelhauling.”

I spoke to Black Sails executive producers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Dan Shotz about Blackbeard’s big and brutal exit, John Silver’s rise to power, and what it might mean for everyone during the remaining episodes of this final season.

IGN: There were several moments throughout this episode when I thought other characters might die. Max, Jack, Anne. We’re in the final season now so many are fair game. How do you go about choosing who gets killed off? Because Blackbeard did the honors here.

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Source: Black Sails Producers Break Down This Week's Episode

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