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“Slip” might not be as game-changing an episode as “Chicanery,” but it currently is one of my favorites of the season. With some huge plot and character developments balanced with the same careful, meticulous storytelling and visual craftsmanship that Better Call Saul (and Breaking Bad) are known for, “Slip” moved a lot of important pieces into place.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? This opening proved that memories and what we view as objective facts are often far more subjective than we imagine. In the flashback, we see Slippin’ Jimmy gathering his coin collection, which we know played a pivotal role in his scams with Marco. But we learn that this coin collection also, cleverly, ties directly back to one of the earliest reasons Chuck started to despise Jimmy: stealing money from his father.

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Source: Better Call Saul: "Slip" Review

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