Full spoilers for Better Call Saul’s Season 3 premiere, “Mabel,” continue below.

Jimmy’s back, baby, and with him a whole new mess of trouble. Better Call Saul’s Season 3 premiere picks up right from both the epic cliffhangers at the end of Season 2, but it’s the vignette at the beginning of the episode that more sets the stage for what we can expect to come this year. “Gene” is still doing his best to live an unobtrusive life as the general manager of an Omaha Cinnamon, but he can’t hide his true calling. It is ready to come bursting out always, as it does in this post-Breaking Bad flashforward, and that glimmer of his inner “Saul” is getting closer and closer to getting him in trouble. He’s heading toward a collapse.

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Source: Better Call Saul: Season 3 Premiere Review

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