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“Sabrosito” is just the sort of fun I was hoping for when we learned that Gus Fring would be officially joining Better Call Saul in Season 3. As much as this episode dealt with the problems in Jimmy and Mike’s lives, an important new focus is how they — and specifically Mike — get pulled into the orbit of our favorite Los Pollos Hermanos owner.

Almost halfway through Season 3 and with Gus being such an important figure in the larger Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe, it makes sense to have an episode really pull him to the forefront. “Sabrosito” is that episode, all the way to the title, and it started to underline a bigger Fring/Salamanca conflict brewing. Some of the best scenes in this episode, like the showdown in the Los Pollos Hermanos, didn’t feature either of the show’s central characters.

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Source: Better Call Saul: "Sabrosito" Review

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