Note: this is a spoiler-free advance review of the series premiere of Berlin Station, which will premiere on Epix on Sunday, October 16 at 9pm EST.

With the Peak TV phenomenon showing no signs of letting up, now isn’t necessarily the ideal time for Epix to dip its toes into the sea of original scripted dramas. And judging from the first episode, Berlin Station will do little to help the network stand out alongside the likes of HBO, AMC, FX, Netflix or Hulu. This series may scratch an itch for those still left craving more globetrotting espionage in the aftermath of AMC’s The Night Manager, but John le Carré this isn’t.

The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage stars in this espionage drama as CIA analyst Daniel Miller, who as the series opens is transferred from Langley to the Berlin field office. His mission – work undercover to track down a mysterious hacker who goes by the alias “Thomas Shaw” and who may be collaborating with someone on the inside to leak confidential CIA secrets. Miller’s new co-workers (and potential culprits) include Chief Steven Frost (Olive Kitteridge’s Richard Jenkins), Case Officer Hector DeJean (The Amazing Spider-Man’s Rhys Ifans), Internal Branch Chief Valerie Edwards (The Killing’s Michelle Forbes) and Deputy Chief Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser).

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Source: Berlin Station: Series Premiere Review

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