This new story arc has been nothing if not inconsistent in quality. The first chapter ranks as one of the series’ strongest to date, while the follow-up hit a major snag with its murky storytelling and weird fixation on broken backs. Fortunately, issue #11 puts “I Am Suicide” back on track, as it focuses plenty of attention on the Batman/Catwoman dynamic and how the rest of Batman’s new team factor into the conflict.

Tom King’s scripts take on a decidedly more surreal tone whenever he teams with Mikel Janin. That’s a good thing, as their creative fusion really helps give the series a distinct voice and flavor very much unlike the rest of the Batman family. But it does mean that readers have to accept a certain “heightened reality” quality to the dialogue at times. There’s a strong flashback sequence that focuses on Batman’s pursuit of Catwoman in the aftermath of her mass murder spree. Their back-and-forth certainly doesn’t read like natural, organic dialogue, but it’s effective in terms of contrasting their respective backgrounds and personalities. There’s a very tragic, doomed quality to this romance that’s always dysfunctional on even the best of days.

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Source: Batman #11 Review

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