Warning: Full spoilers for the final episode of Bates Motel follow…

With Bates Motel closing its doors, taking a brutal bow after five seasons of love and murder, I spoke to series creators Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin about how everything went down right at the end of the finale, “The Cord,” between Norman and Dylan. It was an emotional ride, and one that ended with Norman dead, at peace with the knowledge that he was heading off to, perhaps, see Norma again.

IGN: There were other characters who Norman could have shared his final moments with. How did it come down to, after five seasons, the two brothers?

Kerry Ehrin: The heart of the show has always been about family and this felt like the richest pairing in the story right at the end. This was a really fabulous performance from Freddie

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Source: Bates Motel Producers Explain the Show's Final Moments

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