Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It’s been a busy week for the Arrow-verse, with Supergirl introducing both Guardian and Parasite, The Flash offering the first taste of this season’s big baddie and now Arrow debuting the latest costumed avenger roaming the streets of Star City. Of these various new characters, Vigilante enjoyed what was easily the strongest debut. He’s quickly shaping up to be a worthy antagonist to Team Arrow, begging the question of whether the show even needs Prometheus at this point.

On some level, it always seemed weird that the writers would choose to introduce Vigilante this season after already building up such a robust new cast of heroes. Did the show really need Vigilante on top of Artemis, Wild Dog, Ragman and Mister Terrific? But if this episode made anything clear, it’s that Vigilante is a different breed of, well, vigilante. He’s not what most would describe as a hero. His methods are extreme, even by the standards of Oliver “Killing is back on the table” Queen. He doesn’t seem to mind terribly if innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire. And he clearly doesn’t need any training from the Green Arrow.

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Source: Arrow: "Vigilante" Review

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