Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

This week’s Arrow was one of those cases where the show tried to make up for the lack of one good villain by pooling several lesser villains together. Nothing in the show’s near-five-year lifespan has done much to suggest that China White is a compelling character. And while Cupid has had her moments (mainly during her short-lived stint as a Suicide Squad member), she too has pretty well worn out her welcome by now. It says something when the return of rogue cop Liza Warner outshone either of these costumed villains.

While the idea of several recurring Arrow villains joining forces sounds fine on paper, the China/Cupid/Liza alliance didn’t result in a particularly noteworthy conflict. Surely the show has more important threads to explore than a group of ladies trying to rob the ghost of Tobias Church? Apart from a handful of solid action sequences, China White and Cupid didn’t have much to offer this week.

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Source: Arrow: "The Sin-Eater" Review

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