Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

This week’s Arrow had a tall order to fill. It was not only the middle act of the massive Invasion crossover, but also the 100th episode of the series. How do you go about trying to push the larger crossover forward while also taking the time to celebrate such a significant milestone. The solution, it seems, was to worry less about the former and more about the latter. This episode definitely worked better as “Arrow: Episode 100” than it did “Invasion: Act Two.”

This episode revolved around a pretty common trope in superhero storytelling, with the hero being shown the life they might have had if they had never put on their costume and resisting the urge to stay in that false reality forever. It’s a story that’s been told in many forms over the years, with a couple notable, DC-themed examples being Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ “For the Man Who Has Everything” in Superman Annual #11 and the Batman: The Animated Series Episode “Perchance to Dream.” We’ve even seen it done in the Arrow-verse before, as Supergirl did its own take on “For the Man Who Has Everything” earlier this year.

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Source: Arrow: "Invasion!" Review

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