Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Arrow returned tonight for the final stretch of Season 5 tonight. Right away, it was made clear that while Adrian Chase may be on the defensive, he’s no less dangerous or crafty an opponent. But Chase wasn’t the focus tonight. The show had some unfinished business to resolve in terms of Felicity’s ongoing storyline. How well that went over depends mostly on whether viewers fall into the pro or anti-Felicity camp.

Though Chase never appeared in the flesh this week (always a negative, as far as I’m concerned), he did make for a memorable unseen enemy in the opening sequence. The fact that Chase was able to bobby trap an arcade center shows that he’s still able to stay a few steps ahead of Team Arrow and the SCPD even after being outed. At this point, you have to wonder if having his identity leaked wasn’t just one more piece in his carefully orchestrated master plan.

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Source: Arrow: "Dangerous Liaisons" Review

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