There are plenty of time travel shows on television these days, but only one of them has turned a receptacle for smelly gym clothes into a vehicle to travel through time. Yes, on FOX’s upcoming comedy Making History, the time machine that transports Adam Pally (Happy Endings, Iron Man 3) through hundreds of years of world history is a simple duffel bag.

Creator Julius Sharpe — who executive producers alongside The LEGO Movie/The Last Man on Earth’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller — told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that aside from the obvious comedy that comes from full-grown adults zipping themselves into a gym bag to travel through time, he chose a simple object mostly because “I didn’t want to spend all my time at work dealing with some kind of big orb, so I thought what could be the easiest thing production-wise?”

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Source: Another Time Travel Show? Wait, This One's a Comedy!

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