Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.


For its finale, did American Horror Story: Roanoke take us back to the house for one more slaughterfest featuring idiots with body cams getting gutted by the Chens, the Nurses, Pigman, and the Colonists? You bet it did! Because there’s no way we’re tired of that, right?

Look, revisiting the same old sloppy shtick that started back in the premiere (when we were only watching reenactments) wasn’t the best. At this point, in the season finale, there’s just now way to care about NEW characters — rightfully stupid ones at that — falling into the same trappings of torment as everyone else on the show. But thankfully that part only took up a small(ish) portion of this episode – which I’d still like to applaud for only being an hour. This season, for all its medium-sized failings, still managed to keep things tight, even in the season finale (which traditionally run long).

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Source: American Horror Story: Season 6 Finale Review

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