This is a spoiler-free advance review of American Gods, which premieres on April 30th.

The most stunning, jaw-dropping moment from American Gods’ premiere episode doesn’t involve Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) or any of the other characters central to the narrative showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are weaving.

Instead, it comes during a vignette in the middle of the episode featuring a character you haven’t seen before; a washed up, has-been goddess of love struggling for her place in the world during the age of online dating and Tinder. This minutes-long distraction from the main storyline sees her bring her paunchy, aged date into her bedroom, becoming entangled with him in a sex scene worthy of American Gods’ network home, Starz.

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Source: American Gods: "The Bone Orchard" Review

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