AMD revealed new details of its upcoming Vega graphical architecture today.

To give gamers a taste of what Vega GPUs will offer when they hit the streets in the second half of 2017, AMD posted a clip of Doom played at Ultra settings, in 4K, constantly hitting 60fps and greater framerates.

That puts whatever Vega GPU is being used roughly on-par with Nvidia’s GTX 1080.

AMD calls it the biggest improvement in its “graphics IP in the last 5 years.” In fact, AMD wants you to join the “Radeon Rebellion” when GPUs with the new architecture go on sale later this year.

The Vega architecture uses a “revolutionary memory subsystem” to rapidly access huge swaths of memory over a “mix of memory types.”

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Source: AMD Wants You to Join the Radeon Rebellion With Its Vega GPUs

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