Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Always Sunny closes up shop on its twelfth season with a handsomely hilarious episode that left us with, of all things, a couple of cliffhangers. Is Dennis really gone? What will become of Charlie and the Waitress now that he’s finally gotten his wish after so long and almost instantly regretted it? There’s a lot more up in the air by the end of “Dennis’ Double Life” than you get in your usual Sunny season finale.

The cleverest aspects of this season closer involved both Dennis and Charlie regretting their choices. There was a big “grass is always greener” theme running through the episode as Dennis decided, when the dust settled, that he actually wanted to be a dad while Charlie realized that he really wanted know part of being a father, or being with the idealized love of his life, The Waitress? So we ended things with Dennis somberly leaving the Gang behind while Charlie got stuck being part of a family after utilizing a Dennis-style scheme.

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Source: Always Sunny Season 12 Finale Review

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