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We’re only two episodes into Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s winter return, and the series is wasting no time getting deep into some of the biggest plot points of the season. Did Director Mace never seem quite trustworthy to you? That’s finally dealt with. You were wondering whether the May L.M.D. storyline was going anywhere fast? There was developments on two fronts, there.

While it’s a repeated refrain that many people jumped off the SHIELD bandwagon in Season 1 after the show didn’t turn out to be what they wanted, this strong return after the Season 4 hiatus shows just how much the series has improved over the years. I’d go out on a limb to say Season 4 is as strong a season as Agents of SHIELD has ever pulled off, and a big tweak that needed to be changed was not lingering too long on any one plot point or mystery.

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Source: Agents of SHIELD: "The Patriot" Review

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