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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s “L.M.D.” storyline is coming to a close, and it offered one heck of a twist to usher in that plot’s conclusion. It’s been heavily hinted that more SHIELD agents than just May and Radcliffe would get the L.M.D. treatment, but more than half of our core cast? Though not entirely unexpected, it is surprising.

That twist was a nice capstone to what was otherwise a solid episode. The hunt to find Mace ran parallel with flashbacks about an early mission Coulson and May went on together, way back when she was still clearance level 3. Agents of SHIELD has been pushing the Philinda relationship hard this season, and from this flashback sequence we’re supposed to think the two of them might have ended up together sooner had she not fallen for Andrew Garner.

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Source: Agents of SHIELD: "The Man Behind the Shield" Review

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