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With the Ghost Rider arc wrapped up (for now), it’s safe to say that Agents of SHIELD has delivered an incredibly satisfying twist on the iconic Marvel character. In addition to discussing the successes of SHIELD’s fall finale, “Laws of Inferno Dynamics,” I also want to reflect back on the strengths of this stretch of the season. So before we move fully into the realm of science with the twist at the end of the episode about Aida, LMDs and May, let’s talk about how SHIELD brought magic and the quantum realm into their corner of the MCU.

Gabriel Luna proved to be fantastic casting as Robbie Reyes, and the decision to age up the character allowed the show to play into the darker storylines it’s exploring. While it’s not always easy to make the audience immediately care about a new character four seasons in, SHIELD made Robbie feel like an integral part of the cast quickly. It didn’t hurt that the Ghost Rider VFX were killer too.

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Source: Agents of SHIELD: "Laws of Inferno Dynamics" Review

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