Full spoilers for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD continue below.

The Russian villains might be far from the most interesting thing on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD right now, but Season 4 just delivered an interesting wrinkle with its true flawed bad guy, Radcliffe.

“BOOM” balanced one intriguing storyline with a more flat one, but the good outweighed the “been there, done that.” The hunt for Radcliffe took top priority in Coulson’s arc as he and Mack went after the source of the good doctor’s obsession with defeating death: Agnes. Agnes is the woman from whom Radcliffe modeled Aida, and we learn she’s dying from an inoperable brain tumor (giving Mallory Jansen yet another opportunity to showcase how great she is on SHIELD).

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Source: Agents of SHIELD: "BOOM" Review

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