Get Out isn’t just a movie, it’s a uniquely celebrated, distinctive experience. It’s one of those rare movies that becomes a cultural talking point, an exciting and insightful commentary about our times. It’s also a fantastically entertaining horror movie, so it became that movie you absolutely HAD to see.

If you missed Get Out in theaters, you can finally now watch it on DVD and Blu-ray, but even if you did see the movie in its initial run the home video release is worth watching. First, you get to own a brilliant film, but second, the disc is loaded with excellent special features, deleted scenes and insightful commentary by the film’s writer/director, Jordan Peele.

There’s so much to cover that you’ll be forgiven if you don’t time to watch it all. Don’t worry, we made the time for you. Here are five important things we learned from Get Out’s special features, and one thing we learned that is extremely unexpected and weird.

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Source: 6 Things We Learned from the Get Out Blu-ray

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