With another excellent year of gaming in the books, it’s time to look forward to what’s in store for us next year. Everything from long-awaited sequels to fresh takes on familiar genres, there are a ton of interesting games headed our way. Here are 43 big games coming in 2017.


Agents of Mayhem was the featured game for our June IGN First, and we got some fairly extensive hands-on time with it. Though it technically exists in the same storytelling universe as Volition’s Saints Row series, it’s a new IP that plays quite differently from its sister series, or from any sandbox action game really. You choose three squad members from a larger pool of diverse heroes, all of whom have customizable passive and active abilities, and by swapping between them on the fly, you can put together some impressive pyrotechnic displays. The core combat is already a good time, and if the open world elements wind up matching it, Agents of Mayhem could be the sandbox action game to beat in 2017. — Vince Ingenito, Editor

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Source: 43 Big Games Coming in 2017

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