While 24: Legacy is definitely in the same universe as the original show, there have only been a few Easter eggs for fans to identify so far in the story. That changes in Monday’s new episode, as Tony Almeida’s return bridges the gap, solidifying the connection between the original long-running series and Legacy.

I recently got to chat with Carlos Bernard about his return to the franchise and how he sees his character as part of an iconic piece of television pop culture.

In addiiton, you can check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Tony’s return, featuring the 24: Legacy cast and producers discussing what it means to bring the character into the series.

The last time we saw Tony Almeida, he was planning his escape from prison, as seen in the shot called Solitary feature on the the 24: Live Another Day Blu-ray. As Bernard explained, “Solitary functioned as an out. They love the character and knew they wanted to use him again. The time constraint of the show made it hard. You can’t take time away from the main story for a prison break.”

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Source: 24: Legacy Delivers Tony Almeida's Return

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