Spider-Man has the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider, which makes for a pretty neat assortment of super-powers. However, Peter Parker also happens to be a certified genius. He’s constantly designing new gadgets to work into his suit and make battling villains a little bit easier.

The more we learn about Spider-Man: Homecoming (check out the new Spidey trailer here), the more it becomes clear that the new movie will showcase Spidey’s various gadgets and gizmos in a way none have before (web wings!). Tony Stark designed a new suit for Peter in Captain America: Civil War, and Homecoming will see Peter slowly come to grips with the many useful new tools at his disposal. So to make sure you know what to expect from the next Spider-Man’s next big screen adventure, we’ve put together a slideshow breaking down the wallcrawler’s most crucial gadgets over the years. Click through for all the tech below:

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Source: 15 of Spider-Man's Coolest Gadgets

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